Chinese Immersion Program Brochure

School District 54 Immersion Language Goals:Chinese Immersion Program image of students and adults and Contact Information

Teachers, parents, and students form a partnership to help students achieve the following district goals as they relate to the Chinese Immersion Program:

  • District 54 will ensure the success of the whole child by providing comprehensive approaches and programming, grounded in the belief that each child deserves to be Healthy, Safe, Engaged, Supported and Challenged
  • District 54 will perform in the top 10% of all schools in reading and math growth and proficiency as measured by state and local assessments.
  • District 54 will close the achievement gap for all students in reading and math as measured by state and local assessments.

Additionally, the program supports students in achieving the following:

  • Students will perform academically at grade level in two languages, commensurate with their monolingual English-speaking peers.
  • Students will use two languages comfortably and effectively in social situations appropriate for their age level.
  • Students will communicate effectively through speaking and writing in two languages at a level appropriate for their age.
  • Students will demonstrate an appreciation of cultural diversity and cross-cultural competence across a variety of social

Why Chinese?

Chinese is the most widely spoken first language in the world. According to the 2009 U.S. Census Bureau, Chinese is the second most commonly spoken nonEnglish language in the United States. Research from the Center for Applied Linguistics indicates that children may derive additional benefits from early language instruction, including improved overall school performance and superior problem-solving skills. The Campanelli Immersion program is considered a 50/50 model. At Campanelli, 50 percent of the day is taught in Chinese and 50 percent is taught in English. Social science and half of the literacy program are taught in Chinese while mathematics, science, and the other half of the literacy program are taught in English. Using this model we are able to achieve our goal that all students will read, write and speak Chinese at a level appropriate for their age in addition to developing a deep understanding of the Chinese culture.

About Campanelli:

The Campanelli staff works cohesively to provide a strong, educational experience for all of our students. We focus on students as individuals and use individual student data to guide our instruction. A variety of
learning opportunities are provided based on student needs. Campanelli provides opportunities for students to be involved in extracurricular activities. Clubs take place during lunch or after school. Some of these include Art Club, Battle of the Books, Chinese Dragon Dance, Chinese Drums, Chinese Sports and Games Club, Cougar Council, Cross Country, Drama Club, Fit Girls, Garden Club, GEMS Club, Math Olympiads, Production Studio, Rocketry Club, Safety Patrol and more.