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Confidentiality is important to the counseling process. Students and adults who work with the social workers/psychologist must feel that their concerns are being held in confidence. However, state law does mandate that parents/guardians will be notified if a student’s health and/or safety are a concern.

Social Worker

Caroline Bullington-Derks


[email protected]

School Psychologist

Carly Simmon


[email protected]

Community Resources

Community Counseling Support

We have a comprehensive list of community agencies that provide support for grief and loss, family, group and/or individual counseling. Please contact a social emotional provider above for additional information.  

District 54 Food Pantry

District 54 offers a food pantry for our students and their families who are in need of food.  You can place an order from the Keller Food Pantry here

Area Food Pantries

  • Schaumburg Township: 847-884-0030
  • Catholic Charities  (Des Plaines): 847-376-2100
  • Barrington Township: 847-381-5632
  • Willow Creek  (Hoffman Estates): 847-882-3663
  • Harvest Bible Chapel: 847-398-7005

Financial and Housing Assistance

  • CEDA: 847-392-2332
  • Catholic Charities: 847-376-2110 (Des Plaines)
  • WINGS: 847-951-8670
  • Schaumburg Township: 847-884-0030
  • Hanover Township: 630-540-9085
  • Willow Creek: 847-882-3663
  • Centro de Informacion: 630 550-5131
  • Salvation Army: 847-348-7395
  • Center of Concern: (847)823-0453