Chinese Immersion Program

Logo for our Chinese Immersion Program that says Campanelli Elementary School Linking Language and Culture with our Cougar mascot


WELCOME!      欢迎!

Chinese is the most widely spoken first language in the world. According to the 2005 U.S. Census, Chinese is the third most commonly spoken language in the United States. Research from the Center for Applied Linguistics indicates that children may derive additional benefits from early language instruction, including improved overall school performance and superior problem-solving skills.

China is rich in its traditions and ancient culture and home to the world’s second largest economy today. Its political, economic and cultural impact on generations to come will be significant. As business and political relationships between the United States and China deepen and become more complex, having the skills to communicate with people in this increasingly significant part of the world will be a valuable asset at home and abroad.

The Campanelli Immersion program is considered a 50/50 model. At Campanelli, 50 percent of the day is taught in Chinese and 50 percent is taught in English.  In Kindergarten science, social studies and half of the literacy program are taught in Chinese while mathematics and the other half of the literacy program are taught in English.  In first through sixth grades social studies and half of the literacy program are taught in Chinese while mathematics, science, and the other half of the literacy program are taught in English.  Using this model we are able to achieve our goal that all students will read, write and speak Chinese at a level appropriate for their age in addition to developing a deep understanding of the Chinese culture.