About Campanelli

Campanelli serves more than 500 students in kindergarten through sixth grade.

Campanelli School is a unique blend of neighborhood and open enrollment school programs. Our school community is made up of students and families in preschool through sixth grade who participate in the general education program, the Chinese Immersion program and the District 54 Magnet program. Each of these programs offers students excellent educational opportunities as well as opportunities to make friends and develop a love of learning.

The Chinese Immersion program is developed following a 50/50 model. Students will learn to read, write, and speak in both languages while also developing a strong foundation in Chinese culture. The students will receive their instruction for Mathematics, Science, and Literacy in Chinese and will be taught Social Studies and Literacy in English.

In addition to providing an excellent education, Campanelli’s faculty offers special activities for students including the following:  Cougar Council, Safety Patrols, Web Club, Homework Club, and Battle of the Books.

Child care is available before and after school at Campanelli through a partnership with the Schaumburg Park District and its KASPER program.

Mascot:  Cougar
Colors:   Blue and orange