September 3, 2021

We are working closely with the Schaumburg Police Department to ensure students arrive to school and leave school safely. We have been informed that the police may begin writing tickets as soon as next week. To help support those trying to find parking near Door #11 on Winchester, we will put orange cones out for two weeks. The cones will be on one side of the street but know you cannot park across from the cones. The best way to determine where to park is to follow the guidelines below. 

  •  No parking in the “No Parking” zones (read street signs carefully)
  •  Continue driving in one direction (avoid turning around in private driveways   or in the middle of the street
  •  Dropping off students must also be in designated areas according to the street signs
  •  For the next two weeks, we will place orange cones by the hill walkway (Towards Door #11). The cones will provide a visual to not park or drop students off near the cones or on the other side of the street where you see cones
  •  Parents and students must use the crosswalks
  •  If a child is being dropped off, they are to use the designated areas and students should only exit the car closest to the curb. Students should not exit in the middle of the street
  • Finally, be sure to let anyone who picks up your child know about these guidelines. We want to support you and your family as well as ensuring our students are safe.