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Happy Holidays!
We hope all of our Campi families enjoy winter vacation! We also hope you have happy holidays and a happy New Year! We look forward to welcoming students back on January 7th!
Campi Gives Back to the Community!
Thank you to everyone who donated items for our Food and Supply Drive! Together we collected over 800 items for the District 54 Food Pantry! Way to go Campi!
Artist Representation of Campanelli
by Jacy and Norah
Welcome to the Campanelli Website!
We are looking forward to a great 2018-19 school year!
Our Campi Community!
Each student painted a rock as part of this years all school art project, which is based on the book "Only One You" by Linda Krantz
Congratulations to our 6th Grade Cross Country Team!
They finished in 1st place at the 35th Annual Addams Cross Country Invitational.
Our Campi Community!
Thank You to our Amazing Volunteers!
The Campanelli staff and students would like to thank everyone who volunteered their time and effort to provide a fun day on Halloween!
Hoover/Campanelli Fun Run
Thank you to everyone who came out for the Hoover/Campanelli Fun Run! We collected 10 boxes of food items for the food pantry!

Whole Child Success

We can’t wait to spread our “orange” and really delve into the Happiness Advantage principles throughout the upcoming months. To kick start January, our students and staff will be participating in “Camp Happy” on Monday, 1/14/19. On page 77 in your Orange Frog Family Reading Guide, there are the 5 Happiness Tactics and Habits outlined. They include “3 Gratitudes”, “The Doubler”, “The Fun 15”, “Meditation” and “Conscious Acts of Kindness”. We have been learning about these in our classrooms and during our SEL lessons throughout the year. On Monday, we will have the opportunity to participate in station rotations, where students and staff with participate in these important tactics and habits. We know that practicing and reflecting about what these mean in our lives can be powerful. Please take some time to discuss these with your children. We look forward to continuing our positive energy in January. We love to tweet @ #happycampi or check out our Facebook page highlighting our work.