Buddy Time!
To continue to develop a strong Campanelli community, students have been enjoying meeting their older or younger buddy and spending time reading together once a month!
Buddy Time!
Our Campi Community!
We Enjoy Helping All of Our Magnificent and Marvelous Students to Aim High...Reach Farther!
Congratulations to all of our Campanelli Summer Readers!
Way to Go Campi Summer Readers!!
Campanelli had the most District 54 students participate in the Schaumburg Public Library Summer Reading Challenge!!
Happy Veterans Day!
We can Aim High, Reach Farther!
Happy Veterans Day!
Our Penny Drive was a Huge Success!
Thank you for supporting our drive to raise money for hurricane relief.   As a result of your support, $1811.48 will be donated to the American Red Cross!

Ms. Flannigan and ESY binder

Ms. Flanigan holding a binder that says ESY and a this is it key on the first day of summer school.