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Celebrating the Year of the Dog!
Happy Chinese New Year!
Thank you to all of our Campi Students who Jumped Rope for Heart this past week!
We can Aim High, Reach Farther!
Our Campi Community!
Campi Chooses Kindness!
Buddy Time!
To continue to develop a strong Campanelli community, students have been enjoying meeting their older or younger buddy and spending time reading together once a month!
Happy Chinese New Year!
Campanelli celebrates The Year of the Dog!

Campanelli Students Demonstrate the 8 Keys for a Summer of Excellence

Christian and Paulina demonstrated commitment when they visited a water park!

Two keys that say commitment and two kids holding the keys while standing in front of a pool at a waterpark.

Suman demonstrated the key of commitment!

A girl holding a key that says "commitment"

Matthew and Ethan demonstrated commitment in their judo class!

Denis and Marko demonstrated the key, speak with good purpose!

Natalia demonstrated the key of commitment.  Here is what Natalia said about demonstrating this key, “my dad said that if I learn the hard song “Under the Roofs of Paris” on the piano, he would take me to Paris, France. Well, I was committed, and I learned the song on the piano. So my Dad took me and my family to Paris!

Mrs. Buckner demonstrated this is it when the rain flooded the street in front of her house!

A photo of a street flooded with houses in the backround with the words "this is it"

Mrs. Buckner and Ms. Cory demonstrated failure leads to success and this is it together and at the same time!!

Mrs. Buckner and Ms. Cory taking a selfie showing failure leads to success and this is it.

Alana demonstrated commitment to swimming, and as a result she was successful at a swim meet!

Alana holding the key of commitment and other photos of her swimming and with awards she received.

Dr. Hanisch demonstrated this is it and balance while connecting with nature after school ended in June!

Mrs. Cruse demonstrated balance when she took a river cruise and commitment at her daughter’s wedding!

Sukanya demonstrated this is it by going to a camp in Wisconsin (overnight camp) and having fun, even though she was far away from home!

Mrs. Schechtman demonstrated this is it in many different places!

Aiden demonstrated responsibility while brushing his teeth!

Aiden holding a "responsible" key while brushing his teeth.

Ms. Raschk  has been committed to getting her kipping pull up with thinner bands and she FINALLY did it!

Ms Raschk doing chin-ups in a gym.


Evan demonstrated failure leads to success!

A boy wearing a helmet and holding a "failure leads to success" key while on his bike.

At Spring Valley, Mrs. Sudol’s son Austin found the start of a book scavenger hunt.  Together, they followed the nature walk to find each page.  Mrs. Sudol thought they should turn back as it was hot and they didn’t bring their water – but Austin insisted they finish and demonstrated commitment to completing the scavenger hunt!


Over the summer, Trisha was committed to taking care of her dad after his reconstructed ACL surgery.
Trisha sitting on the couch with her dad who is holding crutches.
Mrs. Nicoll, Mrs. Taucher, and Mrs. Yu demonstrated this is it!
Mrs. Taucher, Mrs. Nicoll and Ms. Yu holding signs with their names on them.
Mrs. Lange, Mrs. Pettinger and Ms. Cummings demonstrated ownership when they took time to help make the front of Campanelli look nicer by planting and weeding!!
Mrs. Lange, Mrs. Pettinger and Ms. Cummings standing in front of the Campanelli sign in front of school.
Kallia & Joakim met up with Mrs. Menias and her family showing balance that we can enjoy school friends and teachers while on vacation in Greece!
A family standing in front of a pool in Greece.

Chloe showed ownership by working on summer reading and math packets while also helping her sister, Abigail, with summer enrichment packets.

Chloe and Abigail holding an ownership key at a table while doing work together.

Aiden was determined to learn how to swim. And he finally accomplished it by demonstrating this is it!!!

Aidan holding a "this is it" key in front of a pool.

Corina demonstrated this is it as she practiced for a triathlon all summer and then earned third place in her age group at the Woodstock Triathlon.

Corinna holding a this is it key standing next to a bicycle.

Madden demonstrated failure leads to success while playing the piano and Madlln demonstrated this is it while playing soccer.

Armando demonstrated his commitment as he continues his afterschool activity throughout the summer.  He is committed to improving his basketball skills everyday.

Armando holding a commitment key in front of a basketball hoop.


Kelly demonstrated the key of ownership. She misplaced the key that was sent home in June so she created a new one and took ownership for losing it!!

Kelly holding an ownership key.

Olivia demonstrated the key of speak with good purpose and Lucy demonstrated the key of commitment to Jujitsu!


Ms. Shao showed commitment by completing a successful race!

Ms. Shao holding key of commitment upon completion of a running race.

Matthew demonstrated the key of commitment with his soccer team!

matthew holding key of commitment in his soccer uniform on the soccer field.

Abigail showed the key of commitment by performing in The Music Man!

Abigail holding key of commitment and flowers in front of Music Man backdrop

Ms. Xiong visited the panda cubs at the Panda Base in Chengdu, China. One panda was working hard on their climbing skills and learning from their mistakes every time they fell ~ showing the key failure leads to success!

            Key showing failure leads to success in Chinese in front of panda exhibit in China.        Panda in China zoo trying to climb up an obstacle.

Ms. Fan tried purple kohlrabi for the first time cuz… THIS IS IT!

Ms. Fan tasting purple kohlrabi while holding key of this is it.

Nicole and Angelina demonstrate balance.

Nicole and Angelina holding a balance key on the steps of a building.               Nicole and Angelina showing they balance key on the beach.

Karina is demonstrating commitment to jumping off a higher diving board this year. After committing to the challenge, she recently tried the 5 meter for the first time!

Karina holding a key that says "commitment" in front of a pool.

Kavin was committed to trying out a new sport this summer. He attended a baseball clinic and practices catching with his new mitt daily and has demonstrated commitment to learning something new now!

Kavin holding a commitment key and mitt with a ball inside.


Faith and Bella demonstrate the key of commitment:


Faith completing an assignment                           Bella holding a commitment key







Hayden and Gia demonstrated the key of balance by balancing summer fun with summer education at the District 54 Summer STEM Academy:

                            Gia holding the key of balance.                                 Hayden holding a key that says "balance"

Mrs. Buckner, Mrs. Dong, Mrs. Eifert, and Mrs. Mathews demonstrated
 balancing work and fun on the last day of school!


Mrs. Buckner, Ms. Dong, Mrs. Mathews and Mrs. Eifert balancing on a cart

Ms. Flannigan demonstrates this is it as she teaches extended school year during the summer.

Ms. Flanigan holding a binder that says ESY and a this is it key on the first day of summer school.

Stephanie demonstrates the commitment key:

Stephanie doing the splits on the grass while holding the key commitment